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Day: November 9, 2021

Choi Jong Hoon, convicted gang rapist, released from prison after serving 2.5 years

Choi Jong Hoon, convicted gang rapist, released from prison after serving 2.5 years IATFB 11/08/2021 K-Entertainment
Choi Jong Hoon, former F.T Island member and Jung Joon Young/Seungri bestie, has been serving time in prison after his conviction for gang raping a woman. Initially he was sentenced to five years in prison, which was light all things considered, but he somehow got it reduced to just 2.5 years on appeal. As he started his sentenced on May 9 in 2019, today he was released from prison.
On the 8th, Choi Jong-hun returned to society after serving 2.5 years for gang rape. He still has to complete 80 hours of mandatory sexual assault treatment program and won’t be able to be employed by any child and youth-related organizations and disabled welfare facilities for three years.
He’s still on probation for other convictions in his case, but he’s still already walking free after all that. Oh yeah, and while he was in prison he t..

[Review] Somi’s anthemic “XOXO” is simple but effective

[Review] Somi’s anthemic “XOXO” is simple but effective IATFB 11/08/2021 Editorials, K-Entertainment, Reviews
For a moment in time, it looked like Somi was gonna be stuck with the typically sparse YG Entertainment release schedule, but she has been churning out music this year like never before and it culminates in the release of her first album.
More worrying than the amount of music she’s been releasing, however, has been the quality of it. For the most part it’s been a bunch of nondescript releases that seemed more focused on trying to go viral on TikTok than anything else. “XOXO” doesn’t exactly change the latter part of the previous sentence, but it does add music quality to the mix.
“XOXO” is an extremely simple song and whether it works for you or not is also fittingly quite simple. It essentially comes down to whether the anthemic, chanted chorus works for you or not. For me, it hits the spot, relying less on theatrics and m..