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DR Music says dispute between BLACKSWAN’s Fatou & Leia was ‘constructive dispute’, deny bullying rumors

Recently a rather bizarre story emerged involving BLACKSWAN, Leia’s fansite, Leia, and Fatou, which made sense in a way since it involved DR Music. Well, now the company has chimed in with a statement of their own, and surprisingly they did about as good of damage control as can be expected, basically saying the show will go on and framing the dispute as ‘constructive dispute’.

I mean, I think it was their only option to try and basically say they’re working through issues and then handing off the cause of the mess to fans and rumormongering considering one member actively subtweeting/subliking as if to confirm the fansite’s tweets and one member directly airing out another member on Instagram Stories.

Note: I’ve seen some mention that maybe it was fake drama for publicity, but while that might work in like America or something, I’m not sure it would have the same benefits for a K-pop group that is still pretty clearly trying to sell the togetherness of the unit.

Given that it’s DR Music, of course it’s impossible to believe they’ll handle this correctly or that things are actually fine, but it could’ve surely gone worse if this is the end of it.



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